Cannot extend drive c in Windows?

There are many reasons that lead you not to be able to extend your drive c. You can find those reasons here.

But now I would  like to share without you how you can extend using a free third-party tool in the case that your partition is “basic” type.

Follow below steps:

  • Download MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition and install it.
  • Now you can just open the tool
  • Click on partition that you want to extend (in our case, drive c)
  • Right click and choose “Extend”
  • Select “Take free space from: [Drive D or your unallocated space]”, then click OK
  • Now, click ‘Apply’ and wait for several minutes to complete the operation and You’re DONE!!!

Sample screenshot:




Change priority of preferred networks

It is bothering sometimes when you’re connecting to the network you wish to, but suddenly your machine (macbook, laptop…) automatically switches to other network with stronger signal (for example).

To fix to the network (specifically for WiFi connection), you can manage the priority (or order) by the followings:

  1. For MacBook user: System Preferences –> Network –> Advanced… –> Under Preferred Networks, drag networks into the order you prefer –> click OK to finish
  2. For Windows user: Control Panel –> Network and Sharing Center –> Manage Wireless Networks –> now you can move up or down to find the priority you want

Now, that’s it :) the network you intent to connect to will not be switched to other even it has a little lower signal…

Type Khmer Unicode on Microsoft Office Word on MacOS [Macbook]

I have spent a lot of time searching and trying and finally, I got an easy tip for you. It works for me and one friend of mine, so I hope it works for you too.

This is a quick video tutorial in Khmer (for you guy not Khmer, I have written a script where you can pause or just follow along with the movement).

[Fixed] Khmer font in Word on Mac

1. Install Khmer Unicode NiDA keyboard

Download and copy Khmer.keylayout to /Users/YourName/Library/Keyboard Layouts You may follow this guide

If you’re familiar with terminal, issue the following command to copy:

cp Where-You-Extra-To/Khmer.keylayout ~/Library/Keyboard\ Layouts/

Then, open “System Preferences“, search for “keyboard layouts“, click plus sign “+“, scroll down and select “Others“, you will see “NiDA Khmer“, select it and click “Add” and you’ve done!

2. Install more Khmer fonts

Download fonts here and extra it, then open “Font Bookwhere you can find by click on “Lauchpad” and search for “Font Book”, right click and choose “Add Fonts …” , browse to folder where you extracted your fonts to, select all, and click “Open” 


Note that some fonts will not display correctly, some of them I found work well are basically “Khmer OS …” font family. I would recommend you to select font before you start your typing :-)

That’s it!!! Have fun!!! :)

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 3.11.51 PM

How to remove page number from Heading 1 in Table of Contents [MS Word]

Here is what you do and come to problem:

1- Make sure you already set all heading for your titles (heading 1, 2 or 3)

2- Now it’s time that you insert your “table of contents”, but you don’t want to show page number on heading 1 (heading 1 for Part I, Part II … as shown in the figure 2 below)

Here is the solution:

  • Insert your table of content
  • Press Alt+F9 to switch between your normal table of content and TOC mode.
  • You should see { TOC \o “1-3” \h \z \u }. 
  • Then change it to { TOC \n “0-1” \h \z \u } to remove page number from heading 1 but NOT for others. (refer to figure 1)

Figure 1: when pressing Alt+F9



Figure 2: your desired table of contents


Figure 3: How you set auto numbering different level


Create hotspot in Windows by CMD

#You must run your cmd as administrator

Check whether your hardware (adapter) supports hotspot or not
netsh wlan show drivers

Create hotspot with ssid Hotspotname and key 12345678
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=MyHotspot key=12345678

Start your hotspot so that your wireless devices like laptop or smartphone can connect to it
netsh wlan start hostednetwork

You can also stop your hotspot
netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

You can also show information about your hotspot
netsh wlan show hostednetwork