Some guidelines you need to consider before start configuring EtherChannel

Follow these guidelines and restrictions when configuring EtherChannel interfaces:

  • EtherChannel support: All Ethernet interfaces on all modules support EtherChannel, with no requirement that interfaces be physically contiguous or on the same module.
  • Speed and duplex: Configure all interfaces in an EtherChannel to operate at the same speed and in the same duplex mode. Also, if one interface in the bundle is shut down, it is treated as a link failure, and traffic will traverse other links in the bundle.
  • VLAN match: All interfaces in the EtherChannel bundle must be assigned to the same VLAN or be configured as a trunk.
  • Range of VLANs: An EtherChannel supports the same allowed range of VLANs on all the interfaces in a trunking Layer 2 EtherChannel.
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