Rapid Spanning Tree Operation

​RSTP adds new bridge port roles in order to speed convergence following a link failure. The number of states a port can be in has been reduced to three instead of STP’s original five.

RSTP bridge port roles:

  • Root – A forwarding port that is the best port from non-root bridge to root bridge
  • Designated – A forwarding port for every LAN segment
  • Alternate – An alternate path to the root bridge. This path is different from using the root port
  • Backup – A backup/redundant path to a segment where another bridge port already connects
  • Disabled – Not strictly part of STP, a network administrator can manually disable a port

RSTP switch port states:

  • Discarding – No user data is sent over the port
  • Learning – The port is not forwarding frames yet, but is populating its MAC-address-table
  • Forwarding – The port is fully operational
By vichhaiy Posted in Cisco

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