Why Linux?

Although Windows is the most popular OS (Operating System) for casual computer users, this does not necessarily make it the "best" OS. Ubuntu, which is a Linux distribution, has many features that make it a good alternative to Windows:

  • It’s free. True, one could download pirated versions of Windows. But that would be illegal.
  • It’s an open source operating system. This means anyone is entitled to download and view the source code to any/all parts of the operating system. Or change it, to suit whatever purpose they want to use it for. If they choose to distribute their modified version, other people can then go on to change that too, allow the software to evolve to serve different needs.
  • It’s community driven. This means that anyone can contribute to the effort, be it with programming, art, sounds, documentation, or answering users’ questions on the Internet. It’s not controlled by a Fortune 500 company with questionable legal practices.
  • It’s more reliable. Linux crashes far less often than Windows, unless you purposely overload the system.
  • It’s free software. Almost all of the software associated with the OS is available for free and can be easily installed with just a couple of clicks.
  • It’s safe. There are very few viruses written for Linux due to its relatively low user base (compared to Windows). There are only 49 viruses in Linux and most are patched in kernel updates (from Spatry’s Cup of Linux).
    • If someone were to write viruses for Linux they would have to be very sophisticated due to the fact that the virus could not be executed unless it were given root permissions.
    • The virus would have to be run as the root user if it was intended to cause any serious damage due to the restrictions that normal users have by default.
    • There are some viruses out there that can cause loss of users data. Just be extra careful when anyone tells you to run a command, and only take advice from trusted people/sources.
  • Did I mention it’s free to download, free to use, and free to upgrade, and will be forever?
By vichhaiy Posted in Linux

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