N-UNCOUNT Credit is a system where you pay for goods or services several weeks or months after you have received them.

Pay cash or buy on credit.

2 N-UNCOUNT If a person or their bank account is in credit, the bank account has money in it.

I made sure the account stayed in credit.

…the interest earned on a credit balance.

3 N-UNCOUNT If you get the credit for something good, people praise you because you are thought to be responsible for it.

Some of the credit for her relaxed manner must go to Andy.

4 VERB If people credit someone with an achievement, people say or believe that they were responsible for it.

The staff are crediting him with having saved Hythe’s life.

5 N-COUNT The credits refers to the list of people who helped to make a film, a record, or a television programme.

If you say that, to someone’s credit, they did something, you mean that they deserve praise for it.

To his credit, he had always opposed the use of violence.

If you have one or more achievements to your credit, you have achieved them.

I have countless magazine stories to my credit.

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