How to Add Host in Zabbix Server to Monitor

After installing Zabbix Server and Zabbix Agent, lets move to add your first host in Zabbix monitoring. There are Zabbix is template rich tools, It contains lots of pre defined templates which we can easily used with our hosts.

There are two ways to add hosts in Zabbix:

1. Zabbix has capability to scan your network and automatically add all the hosts in Zabbix server.
2. Second method is used for adding hosts manually.

Using this tutorial, we are going to add host manually. Follow the below steps to add your first host which is running with Linux operating system.

Adding New Host in Zabbix

Firstly we need to login to zabbix web interface using admin account.

After login follow the steps given below, You may also refer screenshot showing just after these steps.

  • Click on Configuration Menu
  • Click on Hosts submenu
  • Click on Create Host button at right side


Now fill the following details of remote host and go to Templates tab.

  • Enter Hostname: Hostname of Remote system
  • Visible name: Name to be display in zabbix
  • Group: Select the desired group for you host
  • Agent interface: Fill the info of Zabbix agent running on host
  • Status: Select initial status


  • Click on add link
  • Select desired Template : Please select carefully, Because it will enabled all checks for the host
  • Click on save button



Congratulation! You have added first host for zabbix monitoring. Repeat the same task for other hosts too.

How to View Graph in Zabbix

Graphs are always attracted the new users, Below screenshot will help you to how to view graphs in zabbix. If you have just added the host, you need to wait for few time, so that zabbix can collect some data from remote host to show on graph.


Thank You for using this article, if this tutorial helps please do forgot to share it with your friends.

Use below link to read more about zabbix configuration


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