General thing about CPU


Effects of high temperature on any CPU

Every CPU has a maximum bearable temperature which is set by it’s manufacturer. If CPU temperature is beyond that bearable temperature, the following problems may occur easily:

  • The life-span time of CPU is reduced.
  • CPU freezes randomly
  • CPU resets randomly and your computer restarts.
  • Lastly, CPU can burn

What are the symptoms of high CPU temperature?

There are some symptoms by which you can easily figure out that the temperature of computer CPU is not in good temperature i.e. CPU temperature is increased beyond it’s bearable condition. Some of the symptoms may:

  • At the loading or installing time of operating system, PCs give the infamous blue screen.
  • It is also seen that your computer is working correctly but after some time it starts to malfunction.
  • It is also seen that your PC is running very smoothly but all on a sudden it restarts.

How to solve overheating CPU temperature problem?

To solve overheating CPU temperature problem, you may take the following things:

  • To use best thermal casing which is suitable for your computer CPU.
  • To use those types of fans and coolers which has better capabilities to reduce temperature.
  • To minimize the room temperature.
  • To enhance the computer case internal air flow.

CPU temperature measuring

There are three basic ways to measure the temperature of CPU and motherboard:

  • Through the BIOS
  • Through motherboard software or
  • Through other third party software.

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