Causes of Stuck Windows 7 on Welcome Screen


1. Corrupt System Drivers: When there are existing drivers that need update or that is corrupt, it can lead to stuck Windows 7 operating system. From time to time check the status of the system drivers for upgrade or complete removal if not necessary.

2. Constant Power outage: When a computer has no power back up just in case of sudden power outage which may be due to a number of factors it may crash the Operating system such as Microsoft Windows with time and even the hard drive. Once the battery of a laptop is dead it should be changed immediately or an alternative should be sorted for to sustain power supply before log off. Same is applicable for a desktop computer as the case may be. You may live in areas where there are epileptic power supplies, please take this caution seriously.

3. System Hardware: It could also be a hardware issue especially when there is a constant re-occurrence and after a fresh operating system is installed.

4. Incompatible Software: When an incompatible software or program is uploaded into a Computer system there will definitely be a problem and usually a message warning of this fact would be received in due course. Immediate action should be taken. All existing error notifications should be attended to.

5. Failure to update Windows: Microsoft is known for periodic updates to forestall less than optimum performance of Windows. Users have to opt for this opportunity to safeguard malicious invasion and better performance. A system dormant for quite a long time could also be responsible for Stuck Windows Operating System.

6. Computer Virus: Presence of Computer Virus in a system can make the entire system to freeze or get Windows stuck on welcome screen. To guard against this reliable anti-virus software should be installed with constant updating.

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