VGA Mode vs. Save Mode

In the event that Windows is unable to load due to issues with a video card (many times a result of a bad video card driver or incorrect driver), it may be necessary to restart the computer in VGA Mode. This mode of Windows is very basic (having a resolution of 640×480), allowing for a user to diagnose a computer problem, including video card problems. When VGA Mode is loaded only the minimal video drivers are loaded.

Windows VGA Mode

VGA Mode can be accessed by pressing the F8 key shortly after the initial POST screen is displayed on computer start up. If entered properly, you should see a screen similar to the above example.

What makes Safe Mode different from normal mode, is that it uses Windows default drivers and settings. This helps users correct any issues preventing them from getting into normal mode. Safe mode was first introduced in Microsoft Windows 95 and is available in all versions of Microsoft Windows except Microsoft Windows 3.x, Windows NT 3.0, and Windows NT 4.0.

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