How to migrate DHCP 2003 to 2008


The procedure below assumes you are changing the DHCP server ip address during the migration. However, you can tweak the process to support reusing the same ip addresses if needed.

1) On the Windows 2003 DHCP server

a. Obtain the current DHCP Server statistics for comparison later.

b. Record the current DHCP Server configuration settings. These settings will be used to configure the Windows 2008 DHCP server in the same manner.

c. Review any custom defined user or vendor classes.

i. These setting will be migrated as well, but you should review your current settings just in case.

d. Run the following command to export all scopes on current DHCP server

netsh dhcp server export C:dhcpdatabase.dat all

e. Copy the C:dhcpdatabase.dat file to the Windows 2008 server

f. If needed run the following command to export a list of scopes

netsh dhcp server export C:dhcpdatabase.dat w.x.y.z

i. Where w.x.y.z is the scope to export, separate multiple scopes with spaces.

g. If exporting all the scopes

i. Stop the DHCP Service.

ii. Configure the DHCP Service as disabled.

h. If exporting a few scopes at a time

i. Disable the exported scopes.

2) On the Windows 2008 Server

a. Logon as a local Administrator

b. Disable UAC

c. Install the DHCP Role

d. Delete the DHCP.mdb file

i. Check the DHCP Server properties for the current DB location.

ii. Stop the DHCP service

iii. Delete the DHCP.mdb file from its folder.

iv. Start the DHCP service

1. A new DHCP database will be created.

e. Run the following command to import the configuration.

netsh dhcp server import c:dhcpdatabase.dat > errors.txt

f. Redirect output to errors.txt so you can capture all error information for later review.

g. Error Message: An error occurred while processing the database entry…

i. This can be resolved using one of three methods

1. Deleting the DHCP.mdb database, and creating a new one.

2. By exporting then importing the scopes a few at a time

3. By deleting, exporting, then importing only the scopes that reported errors.

h. Once all scopes have been imported compare the DHCP stats to verify all scopes and address ranges were properly imported.

i. Authorize the DHCP server

j. Compare the Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 DHCP Server properties

i. Using the settings recorded earlier, configure the Windows 2008 DCHP settings to match the Windows 2003 settings.

k. DNS Dynamic Update credentials

i. If you are using the default setting, the DHCP computer account is used to create and modify the DNS records. Add the new DHCP server account to the DnsUpdateProxy group.

l. Bring the new scopes online

3) Reconfigure the DHCP Relay or BOOTP forwarder for the desired subnets/scopes as needed.

More Information:

How to move a DHCP database from a computer that is running Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008

Windows 2008 DHCP Backup and Restore

Miscellaneous commands / information

1) List DHCP scopes and save to text file

netsh dhcp server show scope >out.txt

2) Delete a DHCP scope

netsh dhcp server delete scope w.x.y.z dhcpfullforce

3) To delete scopes in mass use the show scope output and Excel to create the delete scope commands quickly

a. Select the text and copy to a Batch file on the DHCP server.

b. Run the batch file

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