Abbreviation in MS SharePoint 2010


API: Application Programming Interface

AAM: Alternate Access Mapping

AD CS: Automatic Data Capture System

ADFS: Active Directory Federated Service

ADSI: Active Directory Service Interface

ASPX: Active Server Page Extended

BCS: Business Connectivity Service

BDC: Business Data Catalog

BLOBs: Binary Large Object

BPOS: Business Productivity Suite

C2WTS: Claims To Windows Token Service

CAL: Client Access License

CDB: Contents Databases

CLR: Common Language Runtime

CMP: Content Management Protocol

CNAME: Canonical NAME

CSV: Comma Separated Values

DC: Domain Controller

DHTML: Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language

DIP: Document Information Panel

DMP: Data Management Platform

DNS: Domain Name Server

EFS: Encrypt File System

FBA: Faceless Background Application

GPO: Group Policy Object

GUID: Globally Unique Identifier

HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

IA: Information Architecture

IIS: Internet Information Service

IP: Internet Protocol

IRM: Information Right Management

ISE: Integrated Scripting Environment

ISV: Independent Software Vendor

KPI: Key Performance Indicator

LDAP: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

MOSS: Measure Of Software Similarity

NAS: Network Area Storage

NTLM: NT Lan Manager

OLE DB: Object Link Embedding Database

RBS: Remote BLOB Storage

RDL: Report Definition Language

REST: Representational State Transfer

RPO: Recovery Point Object

RSS: Rich Site Summary

RTO: Recovery Time Object

SAML: Security Assertion Markup Language

SAS: Statistical Analysis System

SLA: Service Level Agreement

SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol

SP: Service Pack

SPN: Service Principle Name

SPSite: SharePoint Site

SQL: Structure Query Language

SQLNCLi: SQL Native Client

SSL: Secure Socket Layer

SSP: Share Service Provider

SSRS: SQL Server Reporting Service

STSADM: SharePoint Team Service Administration

TCP: Transmission Control Protocol

TDE: Transparent Data Encryption

TGT: Ticket Granting Ticket

UI: User Interface

URI: Universal Resource Identifier

URL: Uniform Resource Locator

VSS: Virtual Source Safe

WCAG: Web Content Accessibility Guideline

WCF: Window Communication Foundation

WebDAV: Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning

WFE: Web Front End

WSP: Windows Search Protocol

WSRP: Web Service for Remote Portlets

XML: Extensible Markup Language

XSLT: Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation

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