Noun: indentify and formation

Identification of noun


How to identify a noun:


1.     A word used as the subject or object of a verb is noun.

2.     The subject and object of gerund, participle or infinitive is a noun.

3.     A word used after the preposition is a noun.

4.     A word used after the possessive is a noun.

5.     A word used exactly after article (a, an, the) is noun.


1.     Happiness brings peace. He hunts a dear.

2.     To solve the problem is interesting. Writing books is always challenging.

3.     Love comes from heaven. We believe in sincerity.

4.     I respect his honesty. He hated her selfishness.

5.     The poor are born to suffer. She is a pleader.


Formation of noun:

1.     Determiner + Noun: The construction.

2.     Determiner + Adjective + Noun: The constructive plan.

3.     Determiner + Noun + Preposition + Noun: The winner of prize.

4.     Determiner + Noun + Preposition + Determiner + Noun: A proposal of the prime minister.

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