A ding-ding experience to remember



I was on a two-day trip to Kompong Som, Sihanouk Ville, with some classmate in early July. The memories still live in my head. The breezy and clear-sky morning was so understandingly inviting. The bus reached the land of Sea at around 12 in the midday. The roaring tuk-tuk that made us burst out uproarious teenager laughter and cheer took us to the GBT Guesthouse. Oh, my! There, the sea, the tides, the waves and the breeze! After lunch we hopped and played wildly on O-chher Teal Beach with many photo-shots. The damp drizzle started to pour and we continued the play in the sea, getting hit and dragged with big waves that seemed merciless. We were enjoying convivially the play. “Here, it comes again, my friends.” cautioned Chanrun, my mate.

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