Proposal sample for conducting an English Training

Proposal for English Fundamental Training



Getting to the DMO students through the training course that we have been conducted once already, we see that the students are willing to learn and they are interested in the course so much. One more thing, as we also see that the English levels of DMO students are not better enough to use. I, Vichhaiy SEREY and my friend, Doeun KOCH agree to conduct this weekend course in title “English Fundamental Training“.



  • Enhance and encourage the use of English language in specific skills (Reading, Speaking, Writing and Grammar)
  • Getting to know the today technology news (current information technology)
  • Improve the quality of students
  • Enhance the communication between the previous and next generation students


Our Expectation:

  • We have a great chance to share our knowledge both IT and English.
  • We want to see if all DMO students will join the class without restriction.
  • We expect that after the course the students will gain and dare to use this knowledge in the useful way.
  • This course will be a small part of PNC training



Who will be involved?

  1. I, SEREY Vichhaiy and Mr. KOCH Doeun will be responsible for conducting.
  2. Only DMO students from all generation (DMO2012D & DMO2013A) will be attend the class.



  • For the first start, this course will be conducted for three months – start from 16th February 2013; Saturday and Sunday with 2 hours duration each day, 2:00pm – 4:00pm
  • No classes on public holidays such as International Women’s Right Day, Pchum Ben etc…


  • B32 should be the best room for this course. It is large and available both on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Anyway, if there are any changes, the room will be automatically changed as needed.

Cost Materials

  • Marker and whiteboard
  • Speaker, use for listening skills and any documentary show
  • Projector [optional]
  • Any printing document will be needed


  • Training on using sentence structure and tenses in English.
  • Sharing today technologies.
  • Reading and pronunciation skills (vocabularies, phonetic symbol and reading articles)



English Fundamental Training” is the free training course conducted just for PNC DMO students. This weekend training will be started in order to share the English knowledge to enhance the quality of students as our goal. The four-hour a week will start on 16th February 2013. We hope the people involved in this course will help us to make this course going well.


Mr. SEREY Vichhaiy & Mr. KOCH Doeun

The formers PNC students, promotion 2012

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